The title of our blog has reference to the location of our first home together, here in southeastern Idaho on a little ranch in Sugar City,"where only sweet things grow".

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shout out for Alisa!

Rumor has it that my new sister, Alisa, has her Senior high school Homecoming today. We wish you wonderful memories tonight! Hope your date is the guy who helped y'all decorate our truck during our wedding reception-good guy!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Social Trends

Becoming aware of the latest available studies and most current data concerning societies attitude toward heterosexual marriage, the "natural" or "traditional" family unit, was terrifying to read.

I read that most people no longer regard a traditional family of an employed father (the breadwinner), a stay-at-home mother (the homemaker), and children a "practical" arrangement. My family wasn't sensible or realistic?
Those days that were not so enjoyable my mother would playfully quote her sister; "Don't get married...don't have kids." Even still, I'm absolutely confident that my Mom would respond just as Cornelia did in the ancient Roman story.
The next page the author states "Most Americans still regard marriage and family life as an integral part of happiness, not a state that inhibits the individual's quest for happiness." Wait, this statement conflicts with the other "most" who are of the opinion that a legally married Dad and Mom with children of their own isn't realistic? So, what the world is arguing is that happiness is not practical? I'm so grateful for a Dad who was willing to drive his Toyota into the ground so his son and three girls could have their Mom-not a hired caregiver. Thank you Mom for magnifying motherhood.