The title of our blog has reference to the location of our first home together, here in southeastern Idaho on a little ranch in Sugar City,"where only sweet things grow".

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How do we help things go right?

The Arbinger Company

I believe the consistent application of the Parent Pyramid can greatly assist me as I seek to establish a happy, joyful, and dynamic family.
The main points that I came away with after studying the Arbinger Company’s article associated with above pyramid is the importance of self-awareness. My wife and I started our day off with lecture in our Religions of the World course. This week we are studying Buddhism. My instructor, Bishop Kinghorn (who served a full-time mission in Thailand), taught us about the 6 Realms of Being. It seems a Buddhist follower places great importance on knowing one-self and then to improve.

“The roots of effective parenthood lie deeper than anything we DO; the roots of effective parenthood life in how we ARE.”

“This is true”, argues the Arbinger Institute, “no matter how sophisticated and intellectually respectable our method happens to be.”

Heavenly Father blessed me with parents “kind and dear”. This was evident to me as my father and mother continually honored their covenants with the Lord; equally sought after a quality marriage relationship; earned my love and friendship as they reared their growing son through teaching and loving correction. In their own way, they put into practice this pyramid-and they did it from the foundation on up!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Social Class & Cultural Diversity

The week taking us into the 180th Annual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was an interesting one for me in my Family Relations class. 
We viewed videos about social classes and how their individual backgrounds affect human lives. For Wednesday's class we read chapter 2 from our textbook concerning Diversity and attempted to discuss our discoveries in Friday's class.
I agree with my fellow classmate who made the comment that, after watching viewing and reading the assignments last week, "it was tough listening to such judgmental and critical perspectives after having listened to President Monson's address to the general Relief Society of the world".
I'm of the opinion that exposing myself to the written theories and published documentaries of the society I am apart of helps me better understand the world around me. Though not only will my understanding increase, respect of, and appreciation for those around me but I will grow into a better disciple of Jesus Christ. 
Along with my social science courses this Fall I am also studying statistics and the religions of the world. This course combination has been teaching me so much about the diversity in the world around me. I'm trying to learn how I can continue standing for truth and righteousness amidst a world full of information. What is worth my continued learning and what isn't?
I'm excited to review the words of the Prophets and leaders of the Lord's church on the earth today. I have faith that the Holy Ghost will enlighten my understanding of Heavenly Father's plan for my happiness while I seek secular knowledge.