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Friday, September 24, 2010

4 Parenting Styles

Parenting Styles:
This week I’ve been working on a four-page paper summarizing the guidance techniques used by my parents.
In order to really “write to learn” I went to my family of origin and asked what they feel Dad and Mom’s parenting style is (given the diagram shown above). Mom said “I'd say I was somewhere around the middle of the left upper quadrant, in the high love ~ high control area.” My youngest sister voted authoritative for both Mom and Dad as well. ”Growing up”, Melanie recalls, “we knew Mom and Dad loved us. We knew what was expected of us”.  And I agree entirely with my soon-to-be (12 days) full-time missionary sister.
It would be wisdom in me to confess that I cannot begin to comprehend, fully, the rewards and growth that I will be endowed with as a Dad. That right there was a “rose colored glasses” way of saying IT’S GONNA HURT! No matter how humbling family life may be for me at times, I’m excited to behold all that our future has in store for us, especially in the realm of fatherhood and partner-parenting, side by side, with my wife. 
Ever since this semester’s courses began the following whisperings return to my thoughts daily: “Dustin, you can read books and attend formal lectures till you are blue in the face, but you’ll really learn parenting by becoming one”. This revelation is in no way meant to discredit the value in being an educated and skilled parent. I’m an advocate that empowering oneself with the best books does a body good.

My Dad doesn’t receive praise very well; he gives God, Our Eternal Heavenly Father the glory every time (as we all should). Even still, this week’s post wouldn’t be “meaningful”-as my professor intended it to be- if I don’t follow my heart and recognize my…heavenly-earthly parents.
I’m in the mood to offer thanks to my beautiful mother and handsome father.
 Thank you for being committed to each other. You two make a wonderful husband and wife. Your enduring example speaks volumes to a phenomenal quantity of souls. May I speak for all four of your children when I express gratitude for your being an “authoritative” couple, for loving the Lord so much and in return He was able to show the two of you, together, how to lead, guide, teach, and walk beside each of us in a tailored way.
Heavenly Father really has been in the details of our lives. The Hodgkin family is evidence of the ennobling power of the Master's grace. I testify that Jesus of Nazareth performed the atonement that was accomplished on the cross at Calvary and in the Garden of Gethsemane. By the power of the Spirit, I know the offering of His own sinless life truly carries the power to return us to our heavenly home. I love my Savior.