The title of our blog has reference to the location of our first home together, here in southeastern Idaho on a little ranch in Sugar City,"where only sweet things grow".

Monday, November 1, 2010

Complete Fidelity

Last weeks topic of study in Family Relations was "Sexual Intimacy & Family Marriage". How blessed I am to be instructed with reverence on such matters. A near impossible opportunity in a formally educational setting. I've experienced the opposite while attending other community colleges and public school systems. It is absolutely no wonder to me why the youth of our nation are getting themselves into less-than-virtuous troubles (don't even try google searching images for "fidelity"). Infidelity is an awful crisis!
This photo portrays a very significant act that plays just a part of complete-marital fidelity; which is loyalty. It's a gruesome image (very sad), but when I found this shot while searching under the word "loyalty", I felt my heart and mind whisper "yes, this is the personal sacrifice all husbands need to be prepared to make as they honor their wives"!

One of the objectives of our studies last week included:
When do I begin teaching my children about the meaning, purpose, and sacred nature of the sexual relationship between husband and wife?

Untempered Soul
My wife and I plan on teaching our children about the wonderful gift of the human body sooner-than-later. My earliest experience with this topic outside of the home was in the fourth grade. All I recall is a couple of my ill-manored classmates pumping soap into their hands from the dispenser while in the bathroom and alluding to a topic I had not yet learned about. My wife and I are commitment to educate our children-as thoroughly as is necessary- before any of their peers, their peers older siblings, their teachers, or any other authority figure outside of the home, for that matter, has the chance to inform our kids "how to find out if it's a boy or a girl kitty"-because the answer is not "vote" on it.
I'll never forget the "bird's and bee's" chat I had with my Mom in her bedroom some time that afternoon. She handled that topic with flying colors-thanks Mom.