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Monday, October 18, 2010

Preparing for Marriage

Week 5 of Family Relations we read the chapters entitled, "Getting Involved", "Falling in Love", and "Selecting a Life Partner". I would like to share the following personal experience I had on campus just last week- I feel it fitting to what I've been studying.

On my way to my last class of the day I bumped into a couple "BF" girlfriends. They cordially greeted me with a hug, and the first inquiry they made was, "how is the married life". My response was that "I'm very happy", and that I was "loving the married life". Their tag-team reply to the expression of my happiness was the accusation, "you wanted to be married so badly", which of course I lovingly accepted. 

Unfortunately, I took offense to this comment because I was taken off guard by, what I felt to be, an unkind conclusion on their behalf.  I shouldn't have been surprised given my past experiences with these two young ladies- I'm referring to their emotional maturity. Knowing that both girls are fairly frustrated on the matter of dating and marriage; having heard it from their own mouth in past one-on-one settings- where we find our peers more likely to let down their guard; I wish I would have replied as a prophet of the Book of Mormon would've, with teaching and testifying with the Spirit of the Holy Ghost as my guide.

After having pondered for a moment, this is my heart-felt reply to their accusation of my "badly wanting to get married":

I did...badly...want to find the best woman for me! By no means was I desperate to get hitched. If these two girls knew and interacted with me during my twenty-first to twenty-third years of age, I'm certain their perception of my being "desperate for marriage" probably wouldn't have been cognitively evaluated at all. 

I value my growing experiences as a young single adult. I'm grateful for my self-motivated desire to educate my mind and heart through books about navigating the path toward lasting love, and preparing for temple marriage. Discovering my preferences for an eternal best friend, companion-spouse, and mother to our children was a priceless realization! My years of "playing the field" was one heck of a journey, frustrating at times, yet heartbreaking too. This season, I whole heartedly believe, is absolutely necessary for all young adults seeking to gain the attributes crucial to the union of marriage and family.

May I dedicate my blog-message to the youth who are establishing uplifting friendships and young adults who are seriously seeking out marriage, be watchful and vigilant during these days which are given to prepare for such a sacred covenant-- the bond of matrimony.  Take this time seriously! Encouraging my single brothers and sisters to be jovial and have fun in their dating pursuits doesn't feel as needful. 

God speed gentlemen. Be true!

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