The title of our blog has reference to the location of our first home together, here in southeastern Idaho on a little ranch in Sugar City,"where only sweet things grow".

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


If you're the parents of a large family, and not all of your children have the same interests as the majority, do you insist that they participate in these particular family outings?
Texas Rectum Ripper

As an adolescent, and now as an adult, I was a huge fan of getting the whole gang together to "go and do" the wholesome recreation shin-dig! 
I feel gratitude for the unity we experienced when my parents would get us all together to go to visit SPLASHTOWN, enjoy overnight campouts at Pine Crest lake, or hiking in Tahoe, and the most eventful memories of our 1,883 mile road trips from Texas to Nor-Cal during the summer break.

I'm also grateful that my siblings and parents found interest in doing the same things all together; this made family unity that much more attainable for us.


  1. The California road trips were unforgettable. Mom and Dad always made them as fun as possible - movies; more candy than we could even desire; a nice spot to sprawl out; Dad marathon driving; and all our animals, LOL! 36 hours of bonding - I can't believe Mom and Dad did it!

  2. It looks like we're blogging at about the same rate these days! I love and miss you both!